Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Purple Pajama Storytime (Oakland, Calif)

The City Council may close 14 of Oakland’s neighborhood libraries and reduce services at each of the 4 remaining libraries to 3 days a week!

Oakland Library supporters with kids, have we got a treat for you! A Purple Pajama Storytime, plus PIZZA! Tuesday June 7, 5:30pm, at Oakland's City Hall!

City Council presents their budget recommendations on Tuesday, June 7. At the hearing on May 26, several council members stated that they have no other choice for Oakland's budget than Scenario A, which will close 14 branches (including AAMLO and the Tool Lending Library), en...d Second Start Adult Literacy, and leave only four locations which would be open three days a week with 3-5 staff. At Main, the Children's Room, Oakland History Room, and Teen Zone would close. Children's services, including storytime, would not exist at any location.
More Info at their website http://saveoaklandlibrary.org/

Libraries are Part of the Safety Net — No Wonder Governments Hate Them

Published 6/2/2011
Libraries don’t need to be daycare centers to have community value, to be part of the safety net. Libraries are already, naturally, a part of the safety net, because they empower their community with equitable access to knowledge. And libraries can’t do that without librarians — someone who knows their collection, who knows their patrons, who has the right training and the right salary. Someone who has compassion, and the financial and social resources to act on that compassion without losing their mind.

If a community doesn’t feel ownership of its library, it’s going to go away. And if the people at the city and the county aren’t made to understand a library’s value for the community, they’re not going to fund it.