Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Protest Library Cuts

Posted: 12/15/11 This is a battle for the survival of libraries not as book storehouses, but as cultural institutions where all are welcome and respected. That is why we stand in the streets and shout. Source

Monday, November 28, 2011

Education, Advocacy and Lobbying – Oh My!: What’s Allowed (and What’s Not) When Reaching out to Elected Officials

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Politicians, lobbyists and advocates alike use the terms “education,” “advocacy” and “lobbying” interchangeably. But what do they all mean? When associated with a government agency or a non-profit it can be very confusing to know what’s allowed – and what will land you in hot water. In this session we’ll look at both the letter and the spirit of the law when it comes to lobbying and advocacy, as well as specific criteria you can use to assess your own situation. Since local library supporters, whether staff, friends, trustee or board members, have the most influence in the legislative process, it’s important to know just how far you can go in connecting them with policymakers. Believe it or not, you have more latitude than you think. And, of course, as a private citizen no one can curtail your right to speak up and make a difference.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grassroots Advocacy: Putting Yourself Out There

Posted 10/26/2011 American Libraries Magazine
A grassroots push is a terrific advertising tool, and it can be really fun to pull off. It’s a wonderful motivator to get people out and keep them coming back to do more. An event can score press coverage, and it will allow you to frame the debate the way you want it to be seen. Having a rally, a march, or a read-in gets to the heart of activism and advocacy. Mobilizing people toward a common goal is an incredible achievement, in whatever form you accomplish it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Purple Pajama Storytime (Oakland, Calif)

The City Council may close 14 of Oakland’s neighborhood libraries and reduce services at each of the 4 remaining libraries to 3 days a week!

Oakland Library supporters with kids, have we got a treat for you! A Purple Pajama Storytime, plus PIZZA! Tuesday June 7, 5:30pm, at Oakland's City Hall!

City Council presents their budget recommendations on Tuesday, June 7. At the hearing on May 26, several council members stated that they have no other choice for Oakland's budget than Scenario A, which will close 14 branches (including AAMLO and the Tool Lending Library), en...d Second Start Adult Literacy, and leave only four locations which would be open three days a week with 3-5 staff. At Main, the Children's Room, Oakland History Room, and Teen Zone would close. Children's services, including storytime, would not exist at any location.
More Info at their website

Libraries are Part of the Safety Net — No Wonder Governments Hate Them

Published 6/2/2011
Libraries don’t need to be daycare centers to have community value, to be part of the safety net. Libraries are already, naturally, a part of the safety net, because they empower their community with equitable access to knowledge. And libraries can’t do that without librarians — someone who knows their collection, who knows their patrons, who has the right training and the right salary. Someone who has compassion, and the financial and social resources to act on that compassion without losing their mind.

If a community doesn’t feel ownership of its library, it’s going to go away. And if the people at the city and the county aren’t made to understand a library’s value for the community, they’re not going to fund it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Is One US City Stripping the Word 'Public' from Public Library?

Published 5/2/2011
In an age of greed and selfishness, the public library stands as an enduring monument to the values of cooperation and sharing. In an age where global corporations stride the earth, the public library remains firmly rooted in the local community.

Since its inception the American public library’s prime directive has been to protect the public’s access to information.

Library usage is increasing by 15-30 percent while at the same time their budgets are being cut by 10-15 percent.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You Sign

Below is the sample sign that we used on Tuesday morning to thank the Represenatives for all of their hard work on behalf of libraries here in FL. It measures 17" x 20"

Public library funding safe in state budget

Aired 5/3/2011 NPR
In order to hold on to federal dollars, the libraries needed 21.2-million. Tuesday brought good news when Paul Clark, known around the Capital as "the Library Guy" for his lobbying efforts, learned that not only had lawmakers agreed to the 21.2-million- they added in an extra 100-thousand dollars.

"The money is really important, especially for rural counties, about 33 of the 67 counties here in Florida, that money represents almost 20-percent of their total income, and when you start taking away anything, you're taking away services they provide to the public."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

State aid to libraries budgeted at $21.3 million

Published 5/3/2011 Suwannee Democrat
This morning, the House and Senate budget chairs of Florida agreed to fund state aid to libraries at $21.3 million. This is an increase of $100,000 from last year.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

News from the 2011 Legislative Session

Hines Boyd: Libraries are essential service centers
Published 4/27/2011 Tallahassee Democrat

Florida library funding in crisis
Published 4/27/2011 Suwannee Democrat

Our take on: Libraries at risk & Imperiled court
Published 4/15/2011 Orlando Sentinel

Florida Senate Holds Firm on Zero State Money for Libraries
Published 4/15/2011 Library Journal

Funding cuts for local libraries expected to stun, not kill
Published 4/14/2011

Lawmakers debate cutting funding to libraries
Published 4/13/2011

Legislature would cut – or eliminate – library funding
Published 4/12/2011 Sun-Sentinel

Legislative Committee Braces For Possible Cuts
Published 4/8/2011 ECB Publishing

State aid to libraries threatened ... again
Published 4/6/2011 Suwannee Democrat

The High Cost of Cutting Costs
Published 4/2011 St. Augustine News and Opinion – The Underground

Library supporters trek to Tallahassee
Published 3/30/2011

Libraries face state aid cuts
Published 3/29/2011 - The Daytona Beach News-Journal

Wakulla County Public Library Funding in Danger of Being Cut
Published 3/26/2011

Collier commissioners seek time with governor, Senate president in Tallahassee
Published 3/23/2011

State Aid and State Library Cut Deeply in House Committee budget
Published 3/18/2011 Florida Association of Counties

Friday, April 29, 2011

State Aid currently 16.2 Million House/Senate Side

State Aid Update as of 4/29/2011 4:00 a.m.

When the House and Senate TED conferees reconvened this evening (Thursday 4/28) the House rejected the Senate offer that included the House accepting a $10 million economic development proposal and went back to their original $17.7 million position for State Aid and $1 million for the MLCs. Both Horner and Gaetz seemed to suggest that our issues will be bumped to the Budget Chairs.
Source: Received via email from Charlie Parker

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Libraries traded for Panhandle jobs money

Published April, 28 2011 Orlando Sentinel
Gaetz, a powerful lawmaker slated to lead the Senate in 2012, proposed a deal Thursday that would preserve $10 million in library funding in exchange for keeping the same amount of money tied to a bill he has pushed, SB 248, designed to help the Panhandle recover from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

State Aid to Libraries over the last 5 Years

State Aid to Libraries in FL has dropped 30% over the last 5 years
2006-07 31.9 Million
2007-08 30.7 Million
2008-09 23.3 Million
2009-10 21.2 Million
2010-11 21.2 Million
2011-12 10.0 Million / 17.7 or 21.2 Million :-)

Articles about Local Library Funding in Florida (Besides State Aid to Libraries)

Budget cuts put libraries in a bind (Miami-Dade)
Published 4/26/2011 Miami Herald
The number of people visiting Miami-Dade libraries increased from 5.9 million people in 2006-07, when the economy was humming, to 8.3 million in 2009-10.

State cuts may trim Treasure Coast libraries' collections, hours
Published 4/19/2011
Libraries are supported by state funds and county property taxes. Martin County uses state money to buy materials, including periodicals, online databases and DVDs, said Judi Snyder, acting director.

Funding cuts for local libraries expected to stun, not kill
Published 4/14/2011
The Sarasota and Manatee public library systems are preparing to absorb a loss in state funding, which in both counties is used to purchase multiple editions of new and popular novels, children's books, reference materials and audio or web-based books and databases.

The High Cost of Cutting Costs (St. Johns County)
Published April 2011 St. Augustine News and Opinion – The Underground
The economic downturn has resulted in increased library traffic throughout Florida. The St. Johns county public library system recorded a 7.1 percent increase in membership. This membership includes students whose public education system in struggling to keep afloat.

Library Board OKs $5.9 Million In Cuts (Jacksonville)
Published 3/31/2011
The board voted 6-0 on a $25.5 million budget that includes a 30 percent cutback in library hours, a reduction of about 100 employees and spending $879,500 less on materials.

Hines Boyd: Libraries are essential service centers

Published 4/27/2011 Tallahassee Democrat
About 43 percent of Jefferson County's $294,000 library budget comes from this state and federal aid. Without it, Jefferson, and many counties like it, would be faced with a drastic reduction in library services at a time when those services are most in demand.

State funding for our libraries has dodged a big bullet in each of the last two legislative sessions as broad public support persuaded legislators to swing their budget axes in other directions. Let's hope this is not the year our libraries face a crippling blow to their critically important services.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

State Aid to Libraries - Final Week Starts Today

Below are two of my friends that are at the Capitol today Wed 4/27. Natalie "The Library Gal" Binder and Jonathan McCaughan

Click image to enlarge

This is the final week starting Wednesday April 27th through next Mon/Tues for the Senate and House to make their decisions on State Aid to Libraries here in FL. Everyone can make a difference - contact your Representatives via phone, email or in person. For the rural counties here in FL the State Aid they receive is necessary for them to provide just your basic services to the public. The session ends May 6th but there is a 72 hour cooling off period for the budget.

Take Care

Monday, April 25, 2011

Public libraries feel strain of budget cuts

Published Apr. 24, 2011 Bradenton Times
They’re the lone source of free computer and Internet access in most communities, allowing the unemployed to search for jobs, learn computer skills and spruce up their resumes. Millions use them to stay in touch with relatives, apply for government services or to seek health information.

Public libraries in their current form didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 1800s, when free education for children became the norm and rapid immigration drove explosive population growth. Pittsburgh steel magnate Andrew Carnegie bankrolled construction of roughly 1,700 public libraries in the U.S. between 1881 and 1919.

3 in 10 in South Florida don’t have Internet

Published 4/23/2011 Miami Herald
Importance of having Internet Access:
• Distressed Florida homeowners looking for help with their mortgages can apply for the state’s new Hardest Hit Fund only via the Internet.
• Unemployment applications are handled primarily online, though a phone option does exist during specific hours Monday through Thursday.
• Social Security’s yearly estimates for those who have yet to retire will be available only online, a move designed to save $70 million.
• Applications for food assistance, temporary cash assistance, Medicaid and refugee assistance are handled online. Applicants without access can get a printed application — but they must first travel to one of the Department of Children & Families ACCESS Florida community partner offices or customer service centers.
• Appointments for immigration services must be made online.

Friday, April 15, 2011

State budget talks stalled until after Easter

Posted Apr 13, 2011 St. Petersburg Times
Sen. J.D. Alexander, a Lake Wales Republican who chairs the Senate Budget Committee, announced that negotiations would be delayed until the week of April 25, following the Passover and Easter holidays. That would leave two weeks to settle all budget differences before the session's scheduled adjournment May 6.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Library Guy Called into Service

Published 4/13/2011 FACC
The Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday that libraries say the cuts could reduce library hours or possibly even force some branches to close. "And the sad part of that is the loss of access for people who depend on libraries for Internet access to government services, or to apply for jobs, and all those services that people depend on now that the economy is down,” Faye Roberts, director of the Florida Library Association told the Sentinel. The cut could also mean a loss of federal matching money for technology. Also Wednesday, perhaps not coincidentally, the Sentinel reported that the “library guy,” Paul Clark, is back at the Capitol with his sign urging lawmakers not to cut the library budget.

Library Guy: Location, location, location!

Published April 13th, 2011 Palm Beach Post
Clark was back in town on Wednesday, accompanied by his sons Jacob, 11, and Joseph, 10, who handed out bookmarks to lobbyists and lawmakers trekking along the bridge connecting the Capitol with the Knott Building, prime real estate according to the Clay County systems librarian.

'Library guy' lobbies lawmakers for dollars

Published April 13, 2011 Sun-Sentinel
Paul Clark, dubbed “The Library Guy” by lawmakers last year, is back in Tallahassee this week lobbying lawmakers to approve state funding for public libraries.

‘Library Guy’ books Capitol time

Published 4/13/2011 Orlando Sentinel
Last year, Clark spent two weeks in Tallahassee standing outside the legislative chambers and committee meetings with a laminated sign that said “Save Our Libraries.” At the time, lawmakers were threatening to drastically cut library funding to zero.

This year, a Senate proposal makes an identical threat. The Senate budget includes no fundings for public libraries, which rely on a mix of state and local funds to keep their doors open. A House proposal allocates $17.7 million to libraries.

Legislature would cut – or eliminate – library funding

State funding for the 67-county public library system has gradually fallen over the years. In the 2000-2001 budget, the state gave $33.4 million. Last year, the Legislature also threatened to eliminate money for libraries but came up with funding in the final budget negotiations between the House and Senate.

Legislative leaders expect to begin the process of aligning the House and Senate budgets this week, which will include the library funding issue.
Published April 12, 2011 Sun-Sentinel

Monday, April 11, 2011

The State of America’s Libraries, 2011

See link below
Link (PDF)

Press Coverage for Librarian of the Year in FL

Click image to enlarge

Librarian of the Year
Neighbor to Neighbor May 2011 pg. 7

Clay's 'library guy' named tops in Florida
The Florida Times-Union 4/21/2011

"Library Guy" Paul Clark Named Librarian of Year
Monticello News 4/15/2011

Library Guy wins third award for advocacy efforts
Clay Today 4/12/2011

FLA Award Winners Announced
NEFLIN Blog 4/11/2011

"The Library Guy" from Clay County named Florida's top librarian
The Florida Times-Union 4/11/2011

Libraries, Librarians and Library Supporters Honored 4/11/2011

Celebrate National Library Week, April 10-16, 2011

Click image to enlarge

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Library Day at the Legislature 2011 - Pictures

Pictures from today

News Coverage
Florida Channel's - Capitol Update
Coverage begins at 24:45-25:55 into Video
Aired 4/1/2011

Library supporters trek to Tallahassee
Published 3/30/2011

Libraries Fight to Save Funding
Aired 3/29/2011 WCTV

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks Scott, his family members and friends for being at the Capitol yesterday

Scott Joyner, his niece and nephew and his friends were at the Capitol yesterday.

Florida Libraries Annual Statistical Report for Fiscal Year 2010

Thank you Amy and Marian at the State Library for these latest figures

Florida Libraries Annual Statistical Report for FY 2010
Location State Revenue Total Revenue Percent State
Alachua County Library District $337,651 $16,739,680 2.02%
Altamonte Springs City Library $8,926 $352,900 2.53%
Apalachicola Municipal Library $0 $38,450 0.00%
Boca Raton Public Library $0 $4,236,055 0.00%
Boynton Beach City Library $53,993 $2,646,985 2.04%
Brevard County Public Libraries $457,402 $15,549,410 2.94%
Brockway Memorial Library $0 $413,872 0.00%
Broward County Libraries Division $1,846,602 $62,555,557 2.95%
Charlotte County Public Library $95,101 $3,207,909 2.96%
Citrus County Library System $83,763 $3,337,098 2.51%
Clay County Public Library $819,619 $3,444,514 23.79%
Collier County Public Library $202,171 $8,622,054 2.34%
Columbia County Public Library $502,468 $1,375,319 36.53%
Delray Beach Public Library $45,742 $2,065,017 2.22%
Eustis Memorial Library $0 $809,457 0.00%
Flagler County Public Library System $26,379 $1,087,703 2.43%
Fort Myers Beach Library $16,195 $1,180,065 1.37%
Gadsden County Public Library $364,819 $885,173 41.21%
Heartland Library Cooperative
     DeSoto County Library $71,470 $358,222 19.95%
     Glades County Public Library $20,013 $91,308 21.92%
     Hardee County Public Library $52,318 $203,523 25.71%
     Heartland Cooperative Office $450,000 $620,308 72.54%
     Highlands County Library System $252,380 $983,001 25.67%
     Okeechobee County Library $139,968 $505,299 27.70%
Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library $0 $807,000 0.00%
Hendry County Library System $138,584 $457,573 30.29%
Hernando County Public Library System $628,118 $2,792,028 22.50%
Hialeah Public Libraries $44,136 $2,105,796 2.10%
Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative$910,388$42,003,3092.17%
     Bruton Memorial Library $0 $928,903 0.00%
     Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library $0 $40,324,998 0.00%
     Temple Terrace Public Library $0 $749,408 0.00%
Indian River County Library System $100,167 $4,576,050 2.19%
Indian Rocks Beach Library $1,492 $78,847 1.89%
Jacksonville Public Library $819,841 $42,574,150 1.93%
Lake County Library System
     Fruitland Park Public Library $0 $246,882 0.00%
     Helen Lehmann Memorial Library $0 $122,501 0.00%
     Lady Lake Public Library $0 $397,675 0.00%
     Lake County Library Services $201,958 $3,732,149 5.41%
     Leesburg Public Library $0 $1,440,958 0.00%
     Marianne Beck Memorial Library $0 $63,899 0.00%
     Minneola Schoolhouse Library $0 $92,380 0.00%
     Tavares Public Library $0 $501,040 0.00%
     Umatilla Public Library $0 $260,641 0.00%
     W.T. Bland Public Library $0 $651,523 0.00%
Lake Park Public Library $11,897 $322,692 3.69%
Lake Worth Public Library $16,803 $544,559 3.09%
Lantana Public Library $4,125 $180,211 2.29%
Lee County Library System $631,092 $17,380,894 3.63%
Leon County Public Library System $135,250 $6,766,268 2.00%
Levy County Public Library System $71,813 $316,233 22.71%
Lighthouse Point Library $9,775 $376,588 2.60%
Lynn Haven Public Library $1,236 $246,556 0.50%
Maitland Public Library $16,254 $698,300 2.33%
Manatee County Public Library System $159,159 $6,802,631 2.34%
Marion County Public Library System $147,941 $7,573,630 1.95%
Martin County Library System $95,924 $3,882,920 2.47%
Miami-Dade Public Library System $1,673,627 $76,149,115 2.20%
Monroe County Public Library System $61,217 $2,498,356 2.45%
Nassau County Public Library System $229,410 $1,358,876 16.88%
New Port Richey Public Library $21,601 $757,204 2.85%
New River Public Library Cooperative
     Bradford County Public Library $264,215 $741,266 35.64%
     Emily Taber Public Library $45,098 $202,259 22.30%
     New River Public Library Cooperative Office $313,335 $348,591 89.89%
     Union County Public Library $60,699 $189,270 32.07%
North Miami Beach Public Library $24,090 $716,845 3.36%
North Miami Public Library $27,895 $1,070,636 2.61%
North Palm Beach Library $16,957 $686,313 2.47%
Northwest Regional Library System
     Bay County Public Library $405,494 $2,256,907 17.97%
     Gulf County Library $41,648 $176,398 23.61%
     Liberty County Library $47,099 $118,846 39.63%
Oakland Park Library $15,063 $568,071 2.65%
Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative
     Destin Library $0 $416,655 0.00%
     Fort Walton Beach Library $0 $680,971 0.00%
     Mary Esther Public Library $0 $256,193 0.00%
     Niceville Public Library $0 $786,371 0.00%
     Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative Office $83,387 $590,34314.13%
     Robert L.F. Sikes Library $0 $553,106 0.00%
     Valparaiso Community Library $0 $238,699 0.00%
Orange County Library System $813,962 $36,287,033 2.24%
Osceola County Library System $194,011 $5,938,315 3.27%
Palm Beach County Library System $889,077 $38,855,400 2.29%
Palm Springs Public Library $15,790 $651,322 2.42%
Panhandle Public Library Cooperative System
     Calhoun County Public Library $130,910 $357,450 36.62%
     Holmes County Public Library $32,264 $146,696 21.99%
     Jackson County Public Library $260,591 $649,142 40.14%
     Panhandle Cooperative Office $387,425 $497,797 77.83%
     Washington County Public Library $71,844 $306,088 23.47%
Parkland Library $0 $422,788 0.00%
Pasco County Library Cooperative
     Pasco County Library System $176,212 $6,752,902 2.61%
     Zephyrhills Public Library $0 $304,710 0.00%
Pinellas Public Library Cooperative
     Clearwater Public Library System $0 $5,750,815 0.00%
     Dunedin Public Library $0 $2,186,680 0.00%
     East Lake Community Library $0 $457,705 0.00%
     Gulf Beaches Public Library $0 $646,199 0.00%
     Gulfport Public Library $0 $763,902 0.00%
     Largo Public Library $0 $3,630,513 0.00%
     Oldsmar Public Library $0 $775,409 0.00%
     Palm Harbor Library $0 $1,145,166 0.00%
     Pinellas Park Public Library $0 $2,077,308 0.00%
     Pinellas Public Library Cooperative Administration $699,992 $1,404,630 49.83%
     Safety Harbor Public Library $0 $1,342,713 0.00%
     Seminole Community Library $0 $938,186 0.00%
     St. Pete Beach Library $0 $586,760 0.00%
     St. Petersburg Public Library $0 $6,344,168 0.00%
     Tarpon Springs Library $0 $1,199,153 0.00%
Polk County Library Cooperative
     Auburndale Public Library $0 $643,020 0.00%
     Bartow Public Library $0 $813,818 0.00%
     Dundee Public Library $0 $186,871 0.00%
     Eagle Lake Public Library $0 $49,379 0.00%
     Ft. Meade Public Library $0 $204,831 0.00%
     Haines City Public Library $0 $473,848 0.00%
     Lake Alfred Public Library $0 $93,348 0.00%
     Lake Wales Public Library $0 $772,234 0.00%
     Lakeland Public Library $0 $3,611,902 0.00%
     Latt Maxcy Memorial Library $0 $177,478 0.00%
     Mulberry Public Library $0 $127,725 0.00%
     Polk City Community Library $0 $91,733 0.00%
     Polk County Historical/Genealogical Library $0 $199,311 0.00%
     Polk County Law Library $0 $263,438 0.00%
     Polk County Library Cooperative Office$308,186$2,051,93015.02%
     Winter Haven Public Library $0 $1,678,555 0.00%
Putnam County Library System $206,704 $934,825 22.11%
Richard C. Sullivan Public Library $12,126 $595,220 2.04%
Riviera Beach Public Library $11,632 $542,592 2.14%
Sanibel Public Library $0 $1,767,248 0.00%
Santa Rosa County Library System $328,576 $1,763,099 18.64%
Sarasota County Library System $259,384 $10,247,050 2.53%
Seminole County Public Library System $152,399 $6,014,796 2.53%
St. Johns County Public Library System $118,469 $4,896,676 2.42%
St. Lucie County Library System $117,509 $3,926,526 2.99%
Sumter County Public Library System $450,249 $1,899,510 23.70%
Suwannee River Regional Library $1,176,158 $2,787,635 42.19%
Taylor County Public Library $82,949 $268,642 30.88%
Three Rivers Regional Library System
     Dixie County Public Library $46,534 $212,720 21.88%
     Gilchrist County Public Library $38,762 $158,532 24.45%
     Lafayette County Public Library $10,821 $165,258 6.55%
     Three Rivers Regional Library Office$278,432$278,56099.95%
Volusia County Public Library $340,676 $19,338,661 1.76%
Walton County Public Library System $21,719 $709,183 3.06%
West Florida Public Library $110,137 $4,914,337 2.24%
West Palm Beach Public Library $85,396 $4,865,448 1.76%
Wilderness Coast Public Libraries
     Franklin County Public Library $65,472 $266,742 24.55%
     Jefferson County Public Library $107,307 $272,422 39.39%
     Wakulla County Public Library $94,038 $380,791 24.70%
     Wilderness Coast Cooperative Office $314,365 $365,090 86.11%
Winter Park Public Library $65,340 $2,926,070 2.23%
Grand Total$21,799,186  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Florida Senate Committee Eliminates State Aid to Public Libraries Funding

Update 3/22/2011
House TED committee has $17,753,978 in their budget for State Aid to Libraries, and $1 million for Library Cooperatives. Senate has $0.00 for both.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Florida Library Association (FLA) - Library Day - March 29th 2011

Come join me along with many other librarians and library supporters as we talk to our Representatives at the Capitol on the 29th of this Month.

Library Day Documents (From FLA Website)

More Information (FLA)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

State Aid and State Library Cut Deeply in House TED budget – Contacts Needed Now!

Just received 3/15/2011 from Charlie Parker
This morning the House Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee adopted a preliminary position that does the following:

-Reduces State Aid to Public Libraries from the current federal maintenance of effort level of $21,248,667 to $8,318,188 or a 60% reduction

-Consolidates the State Library and Archives, eliminating 7 positions and $437,875

-Takes away $532,289 for Library Resources in state General Revenue and replaces it with LSTA, thus reducing the LSTA funds available for other needs.

-Does not fund the library cooperative program which is at $1.2 million this year

Also remember this is early in the process. The House and Senate committees have not yet reported out their budgets and they have gone to the House and Senate floor. The session is scheduled to end May 6. But we have to act now – many of these legislators are new and need to see how strongly Floridians feel about their libraries.

Please contact your legislators and let them know about this problem along with the House leadership and TED committee members listed below. It is critical for them to hear from the library community now.

As Charlie Parker says "I know this is rough news, but please be very nice to these folks."

Rep. Dean Cannon (r) – Speaker - Represents part of Orange County – Speaker designate 2011-12
District (407) 623-5740 / Tallahassee (850) 488-2742

Rep. Will Weatherford (r) – Speaker Designate - Represents parts of Hillsborough & Pasco counties – Speaker designate 2013-14
District (813) 558-5115 / Tallahassee (850) 488-5744

Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Committee

In the House library budget issues will originate in this committee

Rep. Mike Horner (r), Chair – Represents parts of Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, & Polk counties
District (407) 943-3077 / Tallahassee (850) 488-8992

Rep. Ritch Workman (r), Vice-Chairman – Represents part of Brevard County
District (321) 757-7019 / Tallahassee (850) 488-9720

Rep. Lori Berman (d) – Represents part of Palm Beach County
District (561) 266-6645 / Tallahassee (850) 488-1662

Rep. Mack Bernard (d) – Represents parts of Palm Beach County –
District (561) 650-6880 / Tallahassee (850) 488-8632

Rep. Jeffry Brandes (r) – Represents part of Pinellas County
District (727) 552-2573 / Tallahassee (850) 488-5719

Rep. Douglas Broxson (r) – Represents parts of Escambia, Okaloosa, & Santa Rosa counties
District (850) 916-5436 / Tallahassee (850) 488-8188

Rep. Rachel Burgin (r) – Represents part of Hillsborough County
District (813) 655-3742 / Tallahassee (850) 488-9910

Rep. Matt Caldwell (r) – Represents part of Lee County
District (239) 533-2411 / Tallahassee (850) 488-1541

Rep. Brad Drake (r) – Represents Holmes, Washington and parts of Jackson, Okaloosa, & Walton counties
District (850) 892-8431 / Tallahassee (850) 488-4726

Rep. Evan Jenne (d) – Represents part of Broward County

District (954) 321-2760 / Tallahassee (850) 488-0245

Rep. Debbie Mayfield (r) – Represents parts of Brevard, Indian River, & St. Lucie counties
District (772) 778-5077 / Tallahassee (850) 488-0952

Rep. Peter Nehr (r) – Represents parts of Pasco & Pinellas counties
District (727) 943-4880 / Tallahassee (850) 488-5580

Rep. Lake Ray (r) – Represents parts of Duval County
District (904) 723-5300 / Tallahassee (850) 488-4388

Rep. Hazelle Rogers (d) – Represents part of Broward
District (954) 497-3367 / Tallahassee (850)488-8234

Rep. Richard Steinberg (d) - Represents part of Miami Dade County
District (305) 535-5445 / Tallahassee (850) 488-0690

Florida’s Multitype Library Cooperatives (MLCs)

Information about Florida's 5 remaining Multitype Library Cooperatives (MLCs)
Click Image to enlarge

MLCs Informational Document (PDF)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank You sign available for download

Click Image to Enlarge

I would print this off with minimum dimensions of 18" x 20". It is also available to be picked up in Tallahassee if you contact Charlie Parker for arrangements.

This is the sign that I used this Thursday at the Capitol and would use at this moment in time until we find out what the Legislators decide to fund the libraries.
Sign (DOCX) Word 2007 Format